Package design for beverages

Summer Vibes

The Weizen-Mix from Schöfferhofer is THE quintessential classic when it comes to the beer-based mixed drinks market segment. In fact, it’s one of the most popular summer beverages on the market by far.
The overall goals for this brand relaunch were to strengthen the umbrella brand and sharpen the range of product varieties while each fruit flavor an irresistible standout. The result is a skillful upgrade that’s both clear and urban, targeted toward the core of the market and refreshingly up-to-date.

What we did for Schöfferhofer Weizen-Mix:

  • Brand identity

    Development of a qualitative brand relaunch in the context of an overall strategic brand realignment
  • Fruit images

    Organization and execution of photo shoots of images for all fruit varieties
  • Artworks

    Creation and composition of images for all fruit varieties
  • Package design

    Implementation of the new master design for 5 product varieties
  • Secondary

    Development of a design concept for the six-pack and beverage cans, and implementation of the master design for all varieties and containers
  • Print materials

    Creation of comprehensive designs, size adaptations and print templates