Package design for Dahle

The cutting edge of change

Everyone knows Dahle’s trimmers. After all, they’re an everyday fixture in offices and studios the world over. They’re among the many unsung heroes of our everyday professional lives that we take for granted. They’re always there when we need them,  as reliable and useful as ever. And though they’re immediately recognizable, the brand name sometimes seems to get stuck on the tip of the tongue.

The classic Dahle blue is the defining feature of the package design concept. This trademark feature represents the brand’s identity with confidence: clear, well structured, reliable and precise. Eleven trimmers and six shredders feature a new photo concept that clearly communicate the brand.

[Translate to English:] Dahle Schneidemaschine

A coherent visual language and clear communication of all product features now including their range of shredders.

What else we did for Dahle:

  • Package design

    Development of package designs for their line of shredders and trimmers