Package design for pet food

Drawn by hand

Expanding a product line is often not just about developing a new variety, but about establishing branding in an entirely new category without losing the core elements and essence of the original design concept.

When it came to Deli Bites under the umbrella brand REAL NATURE Original, it wasn’t just about new product types, but about tapping into the "snacks" category under this brand.

In this case, the animal products in the range aren’t the sole carriers of the super food claim, as is the case in the brand’s wet and dry food range, but rather lovingly selected, tangible ingredients that are rendered realistically.   

What remains is the core of the overall design concept: a loving rendered and hand drawn illustration, richly detailed throughout the design and approval process from the very first scribble to the final colorized artwork.

What we did for Real Nature Original:

  • Brand identity

    Transfer of the sub-brand visual identity as an extension of the product range in the snacks category.
  • Package design

    Development of the master designs for the snack sub-brand Deli Bites and the development of a range with three varieties.
  • Artwork

    Origination of all illustrations for each variant
  • Printing materials

    Origination of all overall designs and printing materials
  • Secondary

    Design of secondary package material