Package design for a series of blood glucose meters

Design Check

Put to the test: the GlucoCheck series from Aktivmed, blood glucose meters and accessories for self-testing. After the check-up, the range presents itself as both high-quality and professional with optimized benefit communication.

What we did for Aktivmed:

  • Branding

    Standardization and focus on aktivmed as the sender brand of the product range through the introduction of a brand stage
  • Package design

    Logistics optimization of the range through the introduction of a uniform folding box format for the measuring instruments, the revision of the wording and a design relaunch of the packaging with the aim of qualifying the range and strengthening the differentiation of the products from one another.
  • Photography

    Photo shoot for devices and test strips and fine data retouching
  • Print materials

    Development of the all-round designs and production of the print templates