Relaunch for the Novus line of staple guns

Trust in performance

We developed a powerful and striking brand presence for the Novus line of staplers that clearly articulates the reliability and performance of their products. This attractive and assertive umbrella brand concept stands out from the crowd of competing brands and products in hardware and office supply stores.

The packaging communication skillfully differentiates between professional and commercial-grade staple guns, their specific product features and the types of staples used. The range includes hand, battery-powered, electric and compressed air staple guns, thoughtfully designed to master any technical challenge.

We implemented our visual concept for 21 product types with a brilliant, iconic design that conveys confidence in this high-quality product that delivers unrivaled performance.

What else we did for Novus:

  • Package design

    Package design for Novus office technology: the Novus line of staplers and hole punches