Another variant or an alternative needed?

You’re proud of your work and want your performance to be seen. Brösske, Meyer & Ruf ensures that your performance is perceived by the competition and that the emotionality and benefits of your products are experienced and understood by consumers everywhere.

Packaging design is visualized brand performance. We’ve been successfully implementing strategies in packaging design since 1978. The identification of differentiated brand performance offers shoppers a real alternative and fulfils their desire for orientation.

We maintain and develop brand value through the successful implementation package design strategies.

What drives us

"Straight to the core of what is and the shortest way from the problem to the goal: economical and effective" – a text that was too long for our sign and not at all sexy. That's why we chose "Straight to the heart".

"Straight to the heart" is the ethos that drives us and sums up our commitment to do everything we can to understand companies and brands before we get to work.

Our design solutions are economical in terms of workflow and effective when it comes to results. Put simply: we’re decidedly efficient.

Full-service design: the all-inclusive package

For each and every project we not only have a professional opinion, but also a recommendation based on our expertise.

Then we set about implementing the design strategy in a targeted manner. To ensure that the energy we invest – and the investment behind it – reaches the market effectively and without any compromises in terms of quality, we take the utmost care in realizing every design when it comes to artworks and print template production.

Our project managers ensure order and transparency are given both externally as well as internally throughout the entire workflow.

Continuity in support:
one team with one goal throughout the entire workflow.

Design implementation: world class

The reason behind our fundamental obsession with quality is simple: we want a brand, a range, and the individual pack to be on the shelf to be as intended. You might say we’re perfectionists from front to back.

More importantly, perfection is what our customers have come to expect.

We aim to achieve the highest print quality for our customers so that the investment in design pays off before the design makes money. We've been doing this work since 1978. The result is an enormous amount of experience in all printing methods, materials and processes in the packaging industry.

The ability to cooperate and coordinate results from working with external partners like lithographers and printers.

More than package design

In addition to relaunches and launches of brand ranges, we also develop the necessary building blocks for a holistic market presence. This can be, for example, a design guideline for brand management and styling new looks or simply a qualitative pack shot for retail partners.