Package design for comfort and personal safety items

Help for the elderly

As a range of goods for hardware stores, the Swiss bathroom accessories company Spirella developed a broad assortment of aid products designed for older people. The entire line promotes hazard-free bathroom visits for the elderly. We designed more than 30 packages with an approachable, emotional image concept in which the hand holding the product represents the greatest possible safety.

We set up the photo production for all articles in all variants – as well as the detail and phase pictures for the back, retouching and assembly – so that the material from the shoot covers a wide range of different applications, for example for use in folders, brochures and on the internet.

For advertising material, various motifs were also created in a bathroom set built specifically for this project with the assembled products and a pair of models.

We developed simple and elegant solutions for the backs of all packages, in different and extreme formats, with all explanations in 8 languages, detailed pictures, technical drawings and the assembly instructions with a broad selection of illustrations.

What we did for Spirella:

  • Package design

    Assortment appearance for over 30 packages
  • Photography

    Direction and oversight in the studio
  • Artwork

    Including all retouches and compositions
  • Print materials

    Completion of all final artworks