Sustainable packaging

Environmentally conscious package design for more efficiency.

At first glance the decision to implement more sustainable packaging materials might sound like little more than increased effort and costs. However, there’s often a hidden opportunity to reduce the number of packaging formats when modifying an assortment’s materials by using unique formats for several product variants.

Harmonizing the range also pays dividends in terms of both look and shelf impact. And if nothing else, a facelift or relaunch of a product’s designs can increase the efficiency of the entire measure.

Sustainability should be tangible for shoppers.

The clearest visual effect is offered by the most frequently practiced, but also product dependent, transformation of plastic-based packaging to cardboard or paper.

Matching the natural look and feel, window solutions signal product transparency. Films made of natural materials can be used for hygiene and product protection as needed.

The bmr project phases for the efficient and goal-oriented implementation of environmentally friendly packaging:

Clearly defined project steps with product and production relevant recommendations and options.