Design for protein products

The reason whey: the effective way to build muscles

No gain without pain. There’s no better building block on the way to better fitness is than personal motivation. Then there's the training program, plenty of stamina and a balanced diet.
That’s where a competent partner now provides next-level support:
Dextro Energy with smart protein.
Dextro Energy’s smart protein range is a uniquely powerful presence in the fitness segment. Attractive sub-brand design, clear product communication and delicious variety differentiation bring order and structure to the diverse line of products and provide shoppers with orientation.

Brand differentiation with taste – a line of protein products with fantastic flavor!

Range extension in the style of the brand, powerful and striking.
The plant-based alternative:
Plant Protein - 100% vegan,
100% flavorful.

What we did for Dextro Energy:

  • Package design

    Packaging/assortment appearances for sports and dextrose products
  • Secondary

    Design of brand/product communication shipping/shelf cartons