Package design for mild fruit spritzers

Follow the flavor

Mild fruit juices combined with gently sparkling mineral water are the spritzer recipe for sensitive connoisseurs. Gentle colors and organic shapes combine to form a harmonious unit that promises a balanced way to enjoy nature’s bounty.

[Translate to English:] Rhön Sprudel milde Apfel-Birne Schorle
Rhön Sprudel milde Apfel-Pflaume Schorle Rhön Sprudel milde Apfel-Traube Schorle

What we did for Rhön Sprudel:

  • Illustration

    Creation and digital illustration of new brand landscapes with canopies of foliage
  • Print materials

    Creation of the all-around designs and artworks
  • Package design

    Relaunch of the mild spritzer range