Brand relaunch endori

From farm to fork

The brand: endori is one of the pioneers in the hotly contested market for meat substitute products. The brand is no longer a start-up, though it's still seen as one, but together with a few other competitors it's already shaped the market and the sector and is a synonym for pea.

The task: a comprehensive brand relaunch based on a repositioning approach that would present the brand as young, tasty, uncomplicated, and urban, without denying its natural origins and its basic positioning of "from farm to fork".

The result: a brand and design relaunch with great attention to detail. A new photo concept for delicious product presentation, an illustrative and individual style that tells the story and origin of the brand, as well as a modern tonality in terms of language - those are the areas of tension in which we developed and positioned the brand relaunch – where qualitative brand maintenance and strategic reorientation meet.

Clear and streamlined, yet playful and detailed, we reinterpreted the brand essence. endori is now up to date again and an absolute highlight in the field of vegan meat substitutes.

What we did for endori:

  • Brand identity

    Development of a new segment appearance as an evolutionary brand relaunch in the context of a realignment of the brand positioning.
  • Package design

    Revision of the product range structure and transfer of the master design to the entire range of 30 products.
  • Photo concept

    Development of a photo concept for the product images and art direction and implementation of the concept for all varieties with a food stylist and a food photographer.
  • Print materials

    Creation of comprehensive designs, size adaptations and print templates.
  • Print approvals

    On-site print approval of first print runs and release of print runs to manage the technical print quality.