Package design for glue

Good things stick

Our subtle revision of the German brand icon UHU for the entire all-purpose adhesive range provides crystal-clear order and structure.

The aim was to simply and clearly differentiate the various types of glue across all containers, from tubes and folding boxes to blister packs, using color and icons under a unified brand management concept. The UHU range consists of the liquid original all-purpose adhesive, the extra drip-free gel with orange color code, and a solvent-free product marked with the green eco leaf symbol. The range also includes several super-strong power adhesives.    

What we did for UHU Germany and International:

  • Package design

    Launch of the special glue LED-Light-Booster, Relaunch ReNatur, Blister Strong & Safe, Rollafix, Stic Magic, Patafix, Power Glue/Power Glue Control, Launch Super Glue Repair Shot (UHU, Bostik, Bison)
  • Edition

    Stic-Edition Sloth
  • Pictograms

    Development of a variety of icons