Package design for pet food

Leader of the pack

“Dog food that runs ahead of the pack. Species-appropriate dog food based on a wolf’s diet: the ancestor of man’s best friend.”
A skillful realization of a marketing strategy as a design concept for more than 200 products. The revitalization of a sub-brand within an overall strategic umbrella brand realignment.
The most exciting part? Real wolves on set: a shoot we’ll never forget with outstandingly unique key visuals.

What we did for Real Nature Wilderness:

  • Brand identity

    Development of a new sub-brand identity as an evolutionary brand relaunch in the context of a new umbrella brand strategy
  • Package design

    Development of a new range structure and transfer of the new master design to a total range of approx. 200 products with the segments dry food, wet food, multipacks and snacks.
  • Animal portraits

    Art direction for the entire project, including the organization, planning and implementation of the casting and photo shoots for the wolf shots based on our design concept
  • Artwork

    Creation of all animal, landscape and ingredient compositions
  • Secondary

    Design for all secondary packaging
  • Print materials

    Creation of comprehensive designs, size adaptations and print templates
  • Print

    Monitoring, evaluation and approval of all prepress and litho work for quality assurance throughout the printing process as well as coordination of all litho and printing partners for all printing processes, including gravure, flexo and offset printing.
  • Print approval

    Implementation of all print approvals of the first editions on site and approval of the edition prints in the context of print-technical quality management